Friday, October 25, 2013

Sew-Along: LFJ Part I continued

"I hope that all of those who participate in the sew-along know the importance of a muslin. It's a replica of the future garment to which you'll be able to make all necessary adjustments and tweaks. Your muslin will help you modify and play around with your initial idea of the jacket you were dreaming of for so long!" Inna at


Muslin fitting. This has been fun.


First tracing the pattern on to the muslin without seam allowances......

then cutting between the pieces with an inch around each edge and stitching the lines......

then sewing together and the fitting.......

Sorry about the bad selfies

I bought a size 6 8 10 pattern even though my measurements suggested a size 14 16. Joann's was sold out. Sew lucky me, I bought the smaller size and the size 10 just about fit me perfect.

Only a few adjustments to do.

~ the shoulders were to wide.

~ add a little to the upper length. The old boobs aren't where they used to be. Lol.

Finely I traced the adjustments and cut out the new muslin pattern pieces.

I'm ready for, Sew Along Part 2-Seamless muslins, sleeves, fashions fabrics and linings.

I found this the other day, isn't it cute! Love the fur.