Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Make a Garment a Month: My Garment for November

This turned out real good.

At the beginning of the month I posted the material, patteren and the leggings I will be wearing with this. What a fun top. I love it.

I used my new BabyLock Ovation serger for the entire project.

I used the Cover Stitch-Wide stitch to do the double stitching. It turned out real well. It's really easy to thread this machine.

The Vogue pattern 8691 that I used called for lightweight jersey, double knit or cotton knit. The dark brown is a lightweight knit which worked great for this pattern, but the other light brown lose knit didn't do as well. As you can see from the pattern picture below, the flounce doesn't have a hem.
Had I used the light brown knit on the bottom it would have raveled. I didn't realize that it was a raw edge pattern when I bought the knit. However I did buy some matching trim which worked very well.

The funny thing is using the trim left me with left over pieces. The flounce that I didn't use. That might happen when putting together a bookcase or fixing your car, but I've never had left over cut pattern pieces. Lol. I need to read my pattern enevelopes better before buying fabric.

This pattern also had self lining sleeves, which I've never done before. They were very easy and turned out great! Look at the pattern piece.

My serger made everything look so professional and store bought. As I said above I used the cover stitch wide on my new Babylock Ovation. It made the top stitching so very easy. Love it, love it love it!


It even looks good on the hanger.

Fun pattern. Would recommend to go with leggings and boots.