Monday, November 11, 2013

Sew-Along: LFJ Part 2


Cut the fashion fabric and lining

Well I went to the fabric store in the city and didnt find any Boucles that I wanted to invest $45.00 a yard in. Sew I'm going with what I have. It will be a good leaning experience and maybe even cute.

I cut my Muslim apart including cutting off the seam allowance off. The pieces look really small.

I laid my fabric out on the table and oh darn it, there were spots on it. I went out side and laid it all out in the sun and marked the spots with yellow marker.

Sew I had to place my pattern pieces around the spots. Not a real good way to save material. Oh well, just part of the challenge. It will all work out.

Next step is thread baste.

" why thread baste?.... once your standard seam lines are removed from a muslin, you have to find a new way of transfering the sewing lines to your fashion fabric, as you will remove your pattern before you start joining it all together, thread tracing is a perfect semi-permanant solution." - A Challenging Sew

Thread tracing the pattern really didn't take that long. I hope I did it right. I haven't cut out the sleeves yet. Waiting for instruction on that, for matching up the lines of the fabric.

After thread tracing the pattern pieces on to the fabric, it's time to cut out the lining.

Sew far this has been a real learning experience. I'm loving every minute of it. In my area we have a Palmer/Pletsch School of Sewing, maybe I'll take a class soon.

Next is quilting!