Friday, November 8, 2013

Serger Part Three: Let's Sew!

Sew we've looked at all the parts and threaded the machine, lets see how great this is.

The other day I received an email/blog from Nancy Zieman about making scarves. I liked the third one on her email/blog

What a great way to test out this machine.

I bought two compatible fabrics 3/4 yards each. One a bit heavier than the other. Cut each fabric to make bias strips.

Lay fabric out salvage edges one on each side, fold the right upper corner down to the bottom edge.

Fold the bottom right corner up to top edge.

The take the bottom right corner and fold it up again.

Make sure all folded edges are even and cut off the folds with your straight edge and rotary cutter.

Cut the width of the heavier fabric about 9" and the lighter about 7".

You now have several bias cut strips. Sew together to desired length.

Now the fun part, using the serger! I threaded the machine for rolled edge, as directed in the reference manual. I used wooly nylon in the upper looper. The wooly nylon makes for a softer edge.

Always do a test run with left over fabric to make sure everything looks like you want.

Then, serge, serge, serge!

When done apply fray block to all serged ends. Let dry and trim excess thread.
Sew the two scarves together in the middle with about a 6 inch line and enjoy.

How do does it look?