Friday, February 14, 2014

Little White Dress finished

My notes:
Pattern McCalls 6699 $10.77 sale
Material main 
Zipper $3.29 sale

Inspiration: Little White Dress contest on Pattern Review, and RTW Fasters. I just got back from Hawaii and a little white dress is just what I need.
Earlier this month I made a wonderful beaded dress using McCalls 6699, more fitted than what I wanted for my LWD, but with a few changes it worked out just fine.
I found a beautiful embroidered cotton material at Joann's on sale.
I did didn't quite follow the laundry instruction. I put it in the dryer, cause I know I'll forget to line dry and throw it in the dryer and that's the kind of dress I want.

The changes I made to the pattern are: I gathered the bodice and skirt instead of using the darts, I also added about 4 inches to the side front of the skirt and 2 inches to both back sides. I also flared out the bottom of the skirt. Added lined the skirt.
One of the things I like best about this pattern is the pockets.
I loved the cut work/eyelet on the bottom of my inspiration dresses, with the embroidery on my material I thought I could cut the edge of my dress around that embroidery. I did a couple tests and found the the stitching was very secure for cutting. However the stitching didn't connect everywhere. So I found some white embroidery thread and did a chain stitch between the flowers.
I also used Fray check all along the embroidery where I cut it out. When it dried you can't see it.
Bottom/hem of skirt
Plain dress
Daytime accessories.

Nighttime accessories.