Sunday, January 12, 2014

Garment a Month: January finished

Cozy Cozy Cozy

Love this......I'm going to call it a robe. I made this to wear with Pj's, ya know, when vacationing with another couple and you want to put your pj's on in the evening or not ready to get dressed in the morning .......and it's chilly........and don't want to put your bra on.....and you don't want your best buddies husband to stare at your chest, kind of robe. Lol

Love the hood.


A bit of a challenge to this material. Very messy. Fuzz everywhere.

It went together very fast. Used my serger for every part except the zipper. Speaking about the zipper, all that fur gets stuck in the zipper. However, the more I wear it, the earlier the zipper works.

Who says sewing cost more than buying RTW?

Fabric $21.87 Robe at Nordstrom $89.00

Pattern 2.47 My cost. 26.24

Zipper 1.89 Savings. $62.76!!!!!!!!

Total. $26.24

The Grandkids think I feel like my dog.