Friday, October 11, 2013

Serger Part Two: Threading

I'm not at my house, so I didn't have any thread cones. The only thing I had was a box of spools. I prepared the spindles for spools by taking off the cone holders and replacing them with spool caps with sponge, on the bottom of the thread and spool caps on top of the thread. Note: put the spool notch side down.

Actually using the spool thread gave me the ability to put a different color on each spindle.

Many serging machines sit unused because the owners don't know how to thread them or adjust the tension. When I unpacked my Ovation it had a sample sewing from the factory test run. Threads still in place. So pulling those threads out and starting new was scary. With my old (22 years) serger I would cut the old thread at the cone, tie a knot between the old tread and new and pull it through. So here we go.THREADING, starting on page 18 of the instruction guide was very helpful.

I followed the instructions step by step for loopers. Put the threads in the chain looper threading ports and pushed the button, it was sew easy. I can't believe it. I mean, really easy and really fast. No tweezers, no magnifying glass, just easy. All three loopers threaded.

Now for the chain/cover needles. Just as easy as the loopers.

Sew let's sew!



Awwww just like the manufactures test sample. First try!